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FFXI / Final Fantasy 11 Music Ripping

So you want to listen to some Final Fantasy XI music while you're not playing? You're in the right place. Actually, this isn't nearly as hard to do as it used to be since specific applications have been developed for this. Download this and convert the BGW files to WAV files. From here you can encode them if you wish (into MP3, OGG, etc). There are also winamp plugins that will allow you to play BGW files directly. However, if you go this route, you won't be able to burn them to a CD, send them to friends, etc.

Here's the BGW song list:

music101.bgw: Battle: In overworld, solo
music102.bgw: Battle: In dungeon, in party
music103.bgw: Battle: In overworld, in party
music104.bgw: Ghelsba
music105.bgw: Mhaura
music106.bgw: Ship
music107.bgw: San D'Oria
music108.bgw: Title Screen
music109.bgw: Ronfaure
music110.bgw: Jeuno
music111.bgw: Game Over
music112.bgw: Selbina
music113.bgw: Sarutabaruta
music114.bgw: Batallia Downs
music115.bgw: Battle: In dungeon, solo
music116.bgw: Gustaberg
music117.bgw: Ru'Lude Gardens
music118.bgw: Rolanberry Fields
music119.bgw: Battle: Final Boss
music120.bgw: Nation Selection Screen
music121.bgw: Approching Final Boss
music122.bgw: Delkfutt's (Used in cut scenes)
music123.bgw: Hopelessness (Used in cut scenes)
music124.bgw: Recollection (Used in cut scenes)
music125.bgw: Battle: Boss
music126.bgw: Mog House
music127.bgw: Anxiety (Used in cut scenes)
music128.bgw: Airship
music130.bgw: Tarutaru Female Creation
music131.bgw: Elvaan Female Creation
music132.bgw: Elvaan Male Creation
music133.bgw: Hume Male Creation
music134.bgw: Yuhtunga Jungle
music135.bgw: Kazham
music151.bgw: Windurst
music152.bgw: Bastok
music153.bgw: Crystal Prelude
music154.bgw: Metalworks
music155.bgw: Castle Zvahl
music156.bgw: Chateau d'Oraguille
music157.bgw: Fury (Used in cut scenes)
music158.bgw: Sauromugue Champaign
music159.bgw: Sorrow (Used in cut scenes)
music160.bgw: Repression (Used in cut scenes)
music161.bgw: Despair (Used in cut scenes)
music162.bgw: Heavens Tower
music163.bgw: Sometime Somewhere (Used in cut scenes)
music164.bgw: Xarcabard
music165.bgw: Galka Creation
music166.bgw: Mithra Creation
music167.bgw: Tarutaru Male Creation
music168.bgw: Hume Female Creation
music169.bgw: Regeneracy (Used in cut scenes)
music170.bgw: Buccaneers (Used in cut scenes)
music171.bgw: Altepa Desert
music181.bgw: Chocobo (Short version)
music190.bgw: The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
music191.bgw: Battle: Rise of Zilart, In overworld
music192.bgw: Battle: Rise of Zilart, In dungeon
music193.bgw: Battle: Rise of Zilart, Boss
music194.bgw: Raogrimm's Theme (Used in cut scenes)
music195.bgw: Belief (Used in cut scenes)
music196.bgw: Fighters of the Crystal (Used in cut scenes)
music197.bgw: Tu'Lia Restoration (Used in cut scenes)
music198.bgw: Eald'narche (Final Dungeon)
music199.bgw: Grav'iton
music200.bgw: Kam'lanaut's Theme (Used in cut scenes)
music201.bgw: Ending
music202.bgw: Quest 1 (Used in cut scenes)
music203.bgw: Quest 2 (Used in cut scenes)
music204.bgw: Quest 3 (Used in cut scenes)
music205.bgw: Quest Completion (Used in cut scenes)
music206.bgw: Yve'noile's Theme (Used in cut scenes)
music207.bgw: Ve'Lugannon Palace
music208.bgw: Rabao
music209.bgw: Norg
music210.bgw: Tu'Lia
music211.bgw: Ro'Maeve
music212.bgw: Chocobo
music213.bgw: Hall of the Gods
music214.bgw: Wedding
music227.bgw: Summerfest
This same method should work for the expansion. We haven't tried it yet, though.

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