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FFXI Job Abilities Added - Spells - Sarah, 12.13.2004.

Job abilities for every job have been added. A new "Link To Us" page has also been added to the site.

Even More Mini FFXI Haven Updates - Sarah, 11.27.2004.

The White Mage magic list and the Summoner avatar list (complete with internal pages on every avatar- Carbuncle, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Garuda, Leviathan and Fenrir) have both been completed and uploaded.

More Minor Updates - Spells - Sarah, 11.27.2004.

Two new spells pages (one for Paladin, one for Red Mage) have been uploaded.

Minor Updates - Sarah, 11.21.2004.

A few broken links have been fixed; the pages the links were pointing to will be fixed and updated shortly. In the mean time, if you notice any errors, please contact us and let us know.

FFXI Weapons Sections Added - Sarah, 11.14.2004.

A comprehensive weapons section has been added. This is not a weapons database. Instead, it's a review of every type of weapon (and all of the subtypes), what sort of jobs may use the weapons, and an overview of the advantages to each (one handed, two handed, delay, damage). A weapons database will be coming in the future.

Huge Series of Updates - Sarah, 11.12.2004.

It's been a small wait since the last batch of updates, but it was well worth it. We've added every single job/class in FFXI, as well as some system info pages and basic information about each nation in the game.

First FFXI Haven Maps Added - Sarah, 10.27.2004.

We've added well over 200 maps under the maps section. More will be coming soon!

First FFXI Haven Sections Added - Sarah, 10.20.2004.

Yay, we've had our first major update. We've added a host of media sections (including sheet music, midis, soundtrack listings, etc), basic race information, and guild guides. If you have any suggestions for future additions, again, feel free to contact us! More updates coming soon.

FFXI Haven Launch - Sarah, 10.16.2004.

FFXI Haven has launched! We'll be continuing a rapid series of updates for the primary content during the next few weeks. In no time, we're sure to be your number one Final Fantasy 11 source. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback feel free to contact us. Stay tuned!

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